One of the great joys I have in my job is helping others. So, of course, I was thrilled when LearningMN asked me to “Just Talk” about how we can introduce the concept of being an entrepreneur at an earlier age in our schools.

How do kids learn about entrepreneurship as a career if they haven’t been exposed to it as an option. They have seen farmers and firefighters, nurses and NFL players, but entrepreneurs?

My challenge is to help teachers and administrators understand entrepreneurship and how they can integrate entrepreneurial concepts, including teaching the entrepreneurial mindset to problem-solving and innovative thinking. And, teachers can earn CEU credits helping their students explore career options in entrepreneurship.

According to The CT Corporation survey done in 2021, a whopping 61% of recent college graduates want to start their own businesses, 45% think it’s very likely they will do so, and 20% have already started a business of their own while in college. Why not give teachers the tools they need to start this process at a younger age, while students are in K-12 schools?

Indie Do Good works with LOTS of entrepreneurs, including mentoring college students, answering questions of small business founders and providing services to help businesses grow, so they can do more good. We would love to explore with you and/or your students, just let us know how we can help train up the next generation of entrepreneurs.