Of course, we love all our clients, as who CAN’T adore (and buy from) businesses who have doing good as part of their mission? Because of this, we are so very thrilled to announce the addition of Hippy Feet as a ‘Do Good’ client.

Coming to us via a friend/client, CHEEGS, we are still 100% in closing referrals. Read below in CEO/Founder Michael Mader’s own words the business reasons WHY they decided to outsource their fulfillment to Indie Do Good. And you can watch their Evolving our Mission announcement here to learn more about their incredible mission to donate 50% of their profits to supporting the homeless while protecting the planet.

Want to take the pain out of GROWING pains as your company scales from vision to launch to D2C to brick&mortar sales channels? We would love to explore with you, just let us know how we can help YOU do more good, just like Hippy Feet.

 From Michael Mader, CEO/Founder, Hippy Feet:

“Hippy Feet made the decision to outsource our logistics based on our need to simplify our business. We were spending too many hours in a week fulfilling orders and managing inventory, which ultimately led to less time to grow the business. Additionally, when Hippy Feet was managing its own logistics, we saw a higher percentage of shipping errors compared to after we outsource our fulfillment. With our fulfillment errors throttled back, Hippy Feet is able to increase its bottom line. By outsourcing logistics to Indie Do Good, Hippy Feet is able to spend more time working on the business, rather than being reactive and spending our time working in the business. 

 Hippy Feet has seen an immediate benefit to outsourcing our logistics to Indie Do Good. We finished Q1 with the best revenue numbers we’ve put up to date. Our total growth in Q1 was up over 130% when compared to the same quarter in the previous year. We largely attribute this growth to the additional time we’ve gained from not having to focus on our own order fulfillment and warehouse management. The time we gained from outsourcing logistics was mainly used to focus on revenue generating efforts such as outbound sales and strategic partnerships. As a result, January, when we moved into Indie Do Good’s warehouse, it was our best B2B sales month. Then we beat it in February. Then we beat it again in March. So to-date, March 2022 is our best B2B sales month ever recorded. 

 Hippy Feet is even more excited about partnering with Indie Do Good knowing their values align strongly with our own. Indie Do Good is not only committed to sustainability, but they are also an equal opportunities employment provider and donate a percentage of their profits to charitable causes. Knowing our logistics partner cares as much as Hippy Feet does about protecting people & the planet, was one of the main factors in our decision to choose Indie Do Good as our logistics partner.”