Indie Do Good

Warehouse Management System Integration

Getting Started

Dashboard Homepage

The dashboard homepage is your management console. Here you can quickly access your orders, resolve important issues, and gain valuable data on your business. The dashboard homepage we’ll cover in this article is the homepage for all merchants that have shipped out their first order. It has 3 main components: action buttons, top search bar, and panels.

Top bar: Quick search and navigation

Quickly search for specific orders. Type in the Order ID or the recipient email or name and then click Enter on your keyboard.

Action buttons:

Create orders directly from your homepage. Click on the top action buttons to manually create, import, or sync orders. Learn more here.

Notifications Panel:

The notifications panel displays the most important issues and action items you should know. Take action by clicking Resolve/View or click Dismiss to clear the notification from your panel. Read more here.


In this panel, you can see important updates from IndieDoGood, from weather alerts to new features. Click on Read More to see the full announcement.

Fulfillment Metrics:

A quick overview of the numbers you care about most. This data can be filtered by time and/or shipping method (as they appear in your online store). For each filter, the orders included are only orders uploaded to IndieDoGood during that time frame. For example, if the time frame is “Last 7 Days” and the Shipping Method is “Standard,” all 4 metrics will only include orders passed through to IndieDoGood during that time frame and under that shipping method. You can see the following data:

  • Orders Fulfilled: Number of orders in completed status.
  • Avg Fulfillment Cost: Average fulfillment cost according to order invoice.
  • Avg Days to Fulfill: Average number of days from the time the order was imported to IndieDoGood until it was labeled.
  • Avg Days in Transit: Average number of days from the time the label was purchased until the order was delivered.

Note: If a time filter is applied for Yesterday, we will not see (in most cases) any data under Avg Days in Transit.

Your Orders:

See the number of orders by status: Processing, On Hold, Exception, Completed.

View only B2C or B2B orders by choosing the relevant filter from the drop-down list.

Note: This panel shows all IndieDoGood orders (including split orders), so the numbers may not match up with the data in the Fulfillment Metrics panel.


The inventory panel will display one of the following 3 messages, depends on your reorder point status:

  • You have items below your designated reorder points! Take action now to ensure you don’t run out of stock. Click on Send More Inventory to start a WRO.
  • You haven’t set any reorder points yet! Follow this helpful guide to learn how to set reorder points by products and fulfillment center. Click on Set Reorder Points Now to set reorder points.
  • All of your items are above their designated reorder points. Keep up the good work! Click on Manage Inventory to view your inventory.


This carousel is here to provide you with helpful information from our IndieDoGood blog and newsletter.

Notifications Panel

The notifications panel displays the most important issues and action items you should know. Take action by clicking Resolve/View or click Dismiss to clear the notification from your panel. 

Notification types: 

Billing Error: Please update your payment method to avoid shipping delays! Your payment method has failed to process. Click Resolve to view and update your payment method.  

New On-hold Receiving item: Take action to avoid further receiving delays! Your inbound shipment had moved to on-hold receiving status. Click Resolve to view all boxes/pallets in On-Hold receiving.  

Receiving completed: Your inventory from Warehouse Receiving Order #[ID] is now fulfillable. Your WRO is completed, and your inventory is ready for fulfillment. Click View to see the WRO details.

Additional Info:

The notification panel displays 3 notification at a time. Once you solve an issue or dismiss it, the notification will disappear from your panel. If you have more than 3 notifications, click on View All Notifications to see all.

Onboarding Dashboard

The onboarding dashboard is the homepage for all merchants that still haven’t shipped out their first order through IndieDoGood. This dashboard offers a clear and easy onboarding experience and takes you through all the steps necessary to start shipping orders.

The onboarding dashboard has 6 main sections:

Welcome Panel: Presents our mission statement and a welcome message!

Tour: Use this panel to get to know our dashboard better. Choose between a short video or an interactive tour — or do both!

Pricing Quote: If a pricing plan is already assigned to you, it will appear here.

If a pricing plan hasn’t been assigned yet, click on “Find your pricing plan” and fill the form to get a quote.

Fulfillment 101: Learn everything you need to know about IndieDoGood’s policies and standard operating procedures.

How to Get Started: This is the global onboarding checklist. You must go through all the steps in the checklist in order to start shipping orders:

  • Create a IndieDoGood account. If you’ve made it to the checklist, you’ve already done this!
  • Find your pricing plan. If a pricing plan is already assigned to you OR if you are working with a sales representative, this step will be checked off as well.
  • Complete your onboarding checklist. This determines the custom onboarding steps each merchant needs to take.
  • Clear demo data from your account.
  • Configure your e-commerce store(s). Connect your e-commerce store, sync products, add payment information, and more.
  • Create your first WRO and send your inventory to IndieDoGood. Start shipping your orders!

Custom Onboarding Steps: This is a custom panel created after you complete your onboarding checklist. This panel is unique and created according to your business needs.

2-Day Express

IndieDoGood seamlessly fulfills store orders with a guaranteed 2-Day Express Shipping. Using the IndieDoGood 2-Day Express program adds a new shipping option to your checkout that is only displayed to customers with a shipping address within the areas of coverage. This means you can offer guaranteed 2-day shipping to your customers who live in the surrounding area of the IndieDoGood fulfillment centers your inventory is in. The zip codes included are determined by IndieDoGood, using its partner carrier networks. Note: 2-Day express refers to 2 business days. 

How Does it Work?

Once we enabled the 2-day express program for the merchant. We take into consideration 2 things: 

  • Qualifying zipcodes
  • Inventory in hand

This allows IndieDoGood to make sure we can deliver in 2 days or less.  At checkout, the customer will see a 2-day express as one of the available shipping options. Pricing will be determined according to the cart rules that apply (decided by the merchant).

Cart Rules:

A cart pricing rule is set up to determine how much the merchant wants to charge for 2-day shipping. IndieDoGood offers the merchant to create rules based on Cart Value.  The merchant can define up to 3 tiers and apply different pricing for each one. 


  • Tier 1: Cart Value<$50: Offer 2 Day Express for $5.99.
  • Tier 2: $50<Cart Value<$80:Offer 2 Day Express for $3.99.
  • Tier 3: $80<Cart Value: Offer 2 Day Express for Free.

Note: We only support cart value rules and we will no longer support item weight-based rules. We will not change any settings for current merchants that have weight-based rules.

A merchant can also decide to offer 2-day shipping for a flat rate regardless of the cart value. 

2-Day Setup

Currently, IndieDoGood 2-day express program is only available for merchants with Shopify and WooCommerce e-commerce stores. 

Note: If you wish to make changes to your 2 day program after the initial setup, please reach out to our merchant care team with all the relevant details.

You can make the following changes:

  • Re-define tiers.
  • Update pricing.
  • Rename shipping options.  

Carriers, Transit Time, and Shipping Options

Transit Time is the overall time required for a shipment to be transported from any of IndieDoGood fulfillment centers to its delivery destination. The average time in transit varies depending on the shipping zone and carrier service selected.

Shipping costs are applied based on the shipping method used as well as the shipping zone (Shipping zone charts by fulfillment center) and weight/dimensions of the package. 

Guaranteed Delivery: Most carriers do not guarantee a delivery date for standard shipments. Delivery dates are subject to change and in most cases, tracking will update to reflect the new estimated delivery date.

You can file claims for domestic orders with guaranteed service levels that are delayed (2-day and Overnight).  This only applies to domestic orders, and we will not reimburse orders that were delayed due to weather conditions, natural disasters, service disruptions, etc. 

What can I tell my customers?

We do not recommend listing average transit times as guaranteed time frames for standard shipments. Carrier delays can occur without warning and these shipments are not refunded. 

General transit time estimates:

  • Standard carrier options (domestic):  4-7 business days
  • Standard carrier options (international) 7-30 business days
  • Expedited carrier options (domestic): 2-4 business days
  • Expedited carrier options (international): 4-12 business days

Carrier types and services:


  • First-class: For USPS shipments under 1lb only. Packages usually arrive at their domestic destination within 1-3 business days depending on the shipping zone. 
  • Priority: For USPS shipments over 1lb or if Priority is selected. Packages usually arrive at their domestic destination within 1-3 business days depending on the shipping zone. International shipments can take 2-3 weeks for final delivery
  • Priority Mail Express: Expedited service. 1-2 day delivery within the U.S. Estimated 3-5 business days internationally.

*For international shipments, the actual number of days varies based on destination and customs delays.


  • Mail Innovations: UPS Mail Innovations works in conjunction with USPS. Packages are processed and transferred to the U.S. Postal Service within 48 hours. USPS will then deliver the shipment within 3-5 business days, on average. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or international will take over 7 business days. International shipments can take 2-3 weeks for final delivery and tracking information may be limited.
  • Surepost: UPS Surepost is an economy service that works in conjunction with USPS. Estimated delivery of 5-7 business days within the U.S. Transferring to USPS for final delivery can add an additional 1-2 days of processing time.
  • Ground: Estimated delivery of 5-7 business days within the U.S. and up to 2 weeks internationally. For international shipments, a commercial invoice from the merchant’s online store is required for customs clearance.
  • 2-Day: 2 business day delivery from UPS pickup date for domestic shipments.
  • Overnight: 1 business day delivery from UPS pickup date for domestic shipments.


  • No overnight options are available for international shipments.
  • No overnight options are available for orders placed on weekends. Overnight Orders placed on Thursday afternoon will arrive on Monday.


  • DHL Global Mail / eCommerce: Estimated delivery of 5-7 business days within the U.S. and up to 2-3 weeks internationally. Tracking information may be limited to certain destinations.
  • *DHL eCommerce, will not deliver to business addresses in Canada and should be shipped DHL Express.
  • DHL Max: (USPS Priority Alternative): 3-5 business days in the U.S. and up to 2 weeks internationally. Often used as a cheaper alternative to USPS Priority shipping. Packages are transferred to USPS for final delivery which may add an extra 1-2 days to total transit time. Contact the IndieDoGood merchant care team if you do not want DHL max used as an alternative to USPS Priority.
  • DHL Express: International Only. 4-12 business days. A commercial invoice from the merchant’s online store is required for customs clearance.

International only. A comparable alternative to DHL global mail. Transit times can range from 1-3 weeks and tracking information may be limited for certain destinations.


  • Ground: Cost-effective, on-time delivery in 1 to 7 business days.
  • Home Delivery: 1–5 business days within the contiguous U.S., 3−7 business days to and from Alaska and Hawaii.
  • 2Day: Door-to-door delivery in 1 to 2 business days by 5 p.m. to businesses and by 8 p.m. to residences. 
  • Standard Overnight: Door-to-door, next business day to businesses by 5 p.m. and by 8 p.m. to residences.
  • Priority Overnight: Door-to-door, next-business-day, morning delivery. 
  • Smart Post: Typically 2–7 business days based on the distance to your destination.

Recommended Ship Option Settings:

Domestic Settings (lowest rate)

To ensure the lowest available rate is chosen, you can set ship options to “Standard” with no particular carrier option selected. With all carrier options available, the system will default to the lowest available option in each case.“Standard” is the only ship option that guarantees the rate listed on the standard pricing sheet.

International Settings

For international shipping, we highly recommend setting ship options to “Standard” or “Expedited” depending on the required time frame for delivery.  There are currently no “Overnight” services available for orders shipping internationally so “Expedited” would be the quickest method while “Standard” would be the most cost-effective.

Shipping to all destinations worldwide involves a lot of variation and we are not currently set up to predict case by case situations. When “Standard” or “Expedited” is selected, the system will default to the lowest available option in each case. Some destinations will have more available options than others.

International Expedited Carriers

Usually for expedited international shipping, the options are DHL International Expedited, UPS mail innovations, or USPS Priority Mail Express. We don’t have international rate sheets for specific expedited options since they are not always available for every destination. We do have a rate sheet for the overall “International Expedited” shipping option which includes all carriers.

When general “Expedited” is set in the ship options for international orders, the system will automatically choose the most cost-effective express rate available. The cost would correspond to what is listed on the “International Expedited” rate sheet.

Operations Error Policy

At IndieDoGood, we do our best to fulfill every order as perfectly as we can at all times. However, we are human and, on occasion, we do make mistakes! For any such error, we want to ensure that we provide a remedy for the mistake and come to a swift resolution. Please see below for our policies on specific instances.

To continue to reduce our error rates, we need your help in bringing the specific errors to our operations teams’ attention and putting measures in place to prevent them going forward. Please make sure to include the Order ID and nature of the error in your inquiry to our Merchant Care team. We appreciate it!

Please Note: IndieDoGood will gladly reconcile operations errors within 90 days from the date of the transaction.

  • Picking Errors
  • Packaging Errors
  • Order Swaps
  • Lost Inventory

Picking Errors:

If it is determined that IndieDoGood has made an error in the picking of items or quantities of items, you can choose from the following:

  • IndieDoGood will generate a return label to return the incorrect inventory at our expense as well as generate a new order to send the correct items and/or quantities at our expense and ship via USPS Priority (if the original order was shipped via standard) or if the order was shipped via a faster option than Standard, we will match the ship option for the replacement order.
  • IndieDoGood will credit up to $100 of the manufacturer’s value (per order). This is a good solution if you don’t  want to ask the end customer to return the items. 

IndieDoGood cannot generate international return labels, so we will credit you for the cost to your customer of returning the incorrect items with a valid invoice OR the manufacturing cost, whichever cost is lower.

Packaging Errors:

If it is determined that IndieDoGood has made an error in the packing of items or quantities of items (such as the incorrect entry of weights or dimensions leading to a higher price), IndieDoGood will apply a credit for the difference between what the order was invoiced at and what the invoiced amount should have been.

Note: this does not include packages damaged in transit. 

Order Swaps:

If it is determined that IndieDoGood has swapped orders (e.g. sent Customer A a package for Customer B and vice versa), IndieDoGood will credit the manufacturer’s value of the products in the order and create reshipments to the proper recipients at our cost.

To ensure a quick resolution, please ask your customer to identify the Order ID on the packing slip in the incorrect package they received.

Lost Inventory:

If it is determined that IndieDoGood has made an error and lost inventory that we cannot account for, IndieDoGood will apply a credit for the manufacturing cost of the items lost (We will not credit taxes, fees, or shipping/import costs).
Note: we require an invoice showing the manufacturing value in order to apply such credit.

Quick Setup

Quick Setup tab will help you easily navigate through the steps needed to set up your account and start shipping with IndieDoGood. From the IndieDoGood dashboard, click on the Quick Setup button, located at the bottom left screen.

A pop-up window will appear with the following: 

IndieDoGood's Liability Insurance Policy

IndieDoGood does NOT insure our merchants’ inventory. Insurance must be obtained by the merchant for their own goods.

Please contact our merchant care team with any questions!

IndieDoGood's Locations and Receiving Hours

All locations listed below are part of IndieDoGood’s Fulfillment Network.

For additional details about each facility or if you are interested in shipping orders using our fulfillment network, please reach out to our merchant care team!

Note: Please notify your account executive or our merchant care team at least two weeks in advance if you’re sending more than one full container of inventory at a time. Thank you!


1460 Lake Drive W, Chanhassen, MN 55317

**Receiving hours are Monday through Friday for all FCs. Please note the specific time frame for each.

Schedule a Visit:

Please Note (03/04):  As we have seen the continued escalation of the COVID-19 on the world stage, all merchant visits to our fulfillment center locations have been suspended until further notice.

A warehouse visit is a behind the scenes look at what IndieDoGood’s daily operations look like and a chance for our team to meet you in person! To schedule a visit, please reach out to our merchant care team.

IndieDoGood Office Hours

Office hours is a new (and FREE) support offering aimed to provide you a direct access to a IndieDoGood Experts. During office hours you can ask questions about everything from account setup and integrations to order pricing and best practices.

During office hours you can ask questions and get answers live. Don’t have questions? You can still join us and listen to your fellow eCommerce business owners’ questions.

Note: Only moderators can see your questions and private information will not be shared when we answer. If needed we will follow up personally.  

When are Office Hours?

Every week at the following times and days:

Tuesday @ 12pm-2pm CST

Thursday @ 2pm-4pm CST

IndieDoGood's Standard Operations

Once you integrate your online store, create a WRO, and send inventory to a IndieDoGood fulfillment center(s), we are ready to fulfill your orders following our standard operating procedures.

Note: Each physical action must have a digital/virtual match, and vice versa. This means that each of the following steps directly relates to an action on the IndieDoGood dashboard. If you or your Account Executive have not set up a specific task or rule in the IndieDoGood dashboard, the action will not be completed. Everything we do operationally comes from information that is automatically populated in the dashboard when an order is submitted.

What are the standard operating procedures once I send inventory to IndieDoGood?

Our standard operations are the core of what we do for all of our clients. The following services make up the bulk of e-commerce order fulfillment through IndieDoGood.


Once your inventory hits our docks, we count each item against the warehouse receiving order (WRO) you have included and store your items in our fulfillment centers. Each SKU has separate dedicated storage location(s), either on shelves, in bins, or on pallets. IndieDoGood maintains a record of all inventory movement at each individual location, tracked by unique identifiers in our system.

Please note, we don’t accept items that are over 50 lbs.


As soon as an order is created or imported into your IndieDoGood dashboard, it is automatically sent to one of our fulfillment centers to be fulfilled during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. See our turnaround times here. We assign the orders to our picking team, who receive a packing slip of the items, quantities, and storage locations at our facility to procure and count to complete their pick.


After a pick is complete, orders are delivered to our packaging team. Our packaging team scans each order, verifies the items and quantities of the order’s contents, and then packs the order into our standard packaging materials as safely and efficiently as possible.

If you’d like to use custom packaging, these materials must be included in the packing slip and be procured during the picking process, before the order comes to our packaging team. For more information and guidance on how to set this up, click here .


For each order, IndieDoGood finds the shipping service suited to the ship option mapping of your order. As soon as the order ships, tracking info is pushed back to your store. Our carrier partners do not scan each package at our facility, so the first tracking scan or update occurs upon arrival at that carrier’s origin facility once it has left our building.

Please note: we don’t ship orders over 100 lbs.

To check the status of an order, follow these steps.

Custom Work:

The following are not automatically included in IndieDoGood’s fulfillment services and require set-up to execute properly. Please reach out to your Account Executive or our Merchant Care team to facilitate this set-up!

  • Kitting and bundles (e.g. variety packs or a special arrangement of products)
  • Custom packaging and labels
  • B2B orders
  • Custom packing slips or notes
  • Other custom work (e.g. serial scans, non-standard box sizes, applying stickers to products)
  • Heavy products (e.g. items between 50 and 100 lbs)
  • Large products (e.g. furniture, surfboards)
  • Hazardous materials (e.g. laptop batteries, certain aerosol sprays)
  • Fragile product

IndieDoGood Storage

In all of our fulfillment centers, we have 3 locations that your products can be stored. When you read “1 SKU per location”, it refers to a bin, shelf or pallet location, not a fulfillment center location. You can store multiple SKUs at any of our fulfillment center locations. We store each SKU separately to ensure accurate picking when we ship out your orders.

Standard Locations Sizes:
Standard pallet size: 48″ x 40″ x 54″.
Standard shelf size: 34″ x 19″ x 19″
Standard bin size: 19″ x 10″ x 7″

NOTE: You cannot currently request a type of space in our warehouse. Our operations staff is trained to store items in as few locations and smallest cost efficient space as possible while maintaining their ability to operate and manage thousands of locations. Because of this, we cannot guarantee a specific type of location. Rest assured, we start with the Bin location, then move to a shelf and finally a pallet only if they do not fit in the previous spot to save you money. Please note that after initial receiving and stowing in the optimum location, we can’t guarantee inventory consolidation.

IndieDoGood's turnaround times, policies, and SLAs

Receiving Inventory (WRO)

SLA: 5 business days

  • 5 business days once the WRO moved to “Arrived” status
  • Inventory that arrives without a WRO attached to it will be put into on-hold receiving (URO) until a WRO is linked.


On-Hold Receiving (URO)

SLA: 5 business days

  • Inventory will be stocked within 5 business days from the time the WRO is attached.


Shipping Orders

SLA: Before 12 pm: Same business day/After 12 pm: Next business day

  • Imported orders must be in “Processing” status before 12 pm.
  • Note: At this point in the fulfillment process, we will ensure the order is packed, labeled, and ready to ship. However, there are known instances where the carrier is unable to pick up on time, which can cause a delay of one business day.


B2B/Wholesale Orders

SLA: 4 business days

  • Before 12 PM: 4 days starting the same business day.
  • After 12 PM: 4 days starting the next business day.
  • Note: We will have the tracking uploaded or freight schedule by end of 4 business days.


FBA/Pick up

SLA: 4 business days

  • Before 12 PM: 4 days starting the same business day.
  • After 12 PM: 4 days starting the next business day.
  • Note: We will have the tracking uploaded or freight schedule by end of 4 business days.


Processing Claims

SLA: 3-5 business days

  • If the value of the item is over $500, we need more information and cannot give instant refunds. The estimated processing time is 2-3 weeks.


Kitting Orders

SLA: 5 business days



SLA: 5 business days


Schedule an appointment

  • You have to schedule an appointment before shipping deliveries or pick-up orders from our FCs. Read more here.


IndieDoGood’s Support

SLA: 1st response within 2 business hours | Full resolution: 2 business days

  • IndieDoGood’s hours of operations are Mon-Fri, 9 am- 5 pm.