MotionWise 60" Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Deep Mahogany

MotionWise 60" Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Deep Mahogany

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  • Height Adjustable from 28" to 48" high,  Desk top measures 30" x 60" 
  • MDF construction, Beveled Edges, Rounded Corners
  • Dual, 120V synchronized motors
  • Standing at least two of eight working hours per day will provide major positive results
  • Just by standing at your desk you can burn an extra 850 calories a week or about a pound per month

 Stand Up and Live your life Inspired!

 Recent studies have made it very clear that “Sitting is detrimental to your health” (Mayo Clinic 2015 Research). People who sit more than 6 hours a day have a substantially shorter life expectancy than those who only site for 3 hours each day.

Now you can do something about that, even if your job / life forces you to be at a desk for long periods of time!

 Simply standing while you work greatly reduces risks to your health, it burns more calories, improves aching backs and sore knees and helps overall wellbeing! Motionwise, one of the world’s leading manufacturers for height sit/stand, adjustable desks, offers both the 30”x60” Manager and 24”x48” Home Office Series that allow individuals to set the correct sitting height and then, with the push of the programmable height-memory button, raise the desk to the optimum standing position. 

Made with durable steel and aluminum frames, the desks are pre-wired and pre-assembled to minimize assembly time while the deep grain surface offers an attractive addition to any home or office. Stand up and live your life inspired with Motionwise!