Indie Do Good is the proud home of Maker Stories.  The dotcom home of makers, independent entrepreneurs who are driven.  Driven with a purpose.  A place where every purchase comes with a do good, a donation to your favorite charity.  The Makers Movement is real, and it is here. These are their products and their stories. 

The Founders, Ron and Susan Otten, had successful corporate careers and now are successful entrepreneurs and makers themselves. What drives them is their passion for two things; one, providing an environment for other entrepreneurs to begin their story; two, giving back to charities and local communities, contributing to a better world.

    Their vision is now a reality.

    Creating a uniquely positioned channel and community for makers and the individuals who support them. 


    Indie Do Good Services

    Indie Do Good is passionate about helping independent makers, entrepreneurs, inventors and more with the back end logic services and front end customer facing services. Freeing up time to let them do what they do best.  While flawlessly delivering to their customers.

    Submit your story to hello@indiedogood.com