Shore Boards Vintage - Minne 10 1/2 foot Flat Water All Wood SUP - Dark

Shore Boards Vintage - Minne 10 1/2 foot Flat Water All Wood SUP - Dark


    When your wife asks for something, a good husband does something about it right! When the Shore - Board founders wife said she'd love to have her very own stand up paddle board (SUP), he said, "Well I will build you one!". She replied, "yeah sure you will". Now that is one motivating challenge right there. He set out in his garage to learn about, design and build a stunning all wood handcrafted SUP. After 2 years and roughly 200 hours of work, the masterpiece was complete! Friends and family began asking for one just like it, and that is how the Shore Boards company began. They now produce multiple designs of SUP's, Wake Surf Boards and Long Board skate board decks. Each piece is designed and built with the same care, love and attention to detail of that first SUP. Mrs. Shore still doesn't have r own board, but with our support, we are confident this amazing husband will find time to build one for her too!

Shore Board SUP's
     Handcrafted in Minnesota using carefully chosen hardwoods for strength performance and surprisingly light weight

     Shore Board SUP's are built with engineered rib structures for amazing rigidity making for a super stable cruise on the water

     The lamination and sealing process create a glass like finish and quality level that will last a lifetime

     The designs are conceived to create genuine "Art On The Water" you can be proud to be seen on

  • The Classic SUP Vintage
  • The Minne lives up to its name at 10? 6? long. Built for flat water use this board cruises!
  • It can handle a beginner rider up to 210lbs, and an advanced rider up to 225lbs.
  • If you’re looking to take in nature at a faster clip then this board is for you!
  • Dimensions: 10' 6" x 30" x 4.75" Volume: 175L Weight: 33-36lbs