Over 25 Years Of Building

Our Mission

We champion and support entrepreneurial companies and organizations who do good. Indie Do Good is the proud home of makers, independent entrepreneurs who are driven with a purpose. We share a vision to help others through collaboration, to give back, and do good. We believe the more successful our entrepreneurial community is, the more good we can do. We give back through collaboration, shared learnings, economies of scale, and a charitable donation on all Indie Do Good profits.  

Core Values

Our Core Values are traits we nurture in both our employees and our makers.

Bold & Brave – Naturally bold and brave entrepreneurs navigating uncharted territories driven with a vision. They try things other’s thought were impossible and problem solve on the spot. We champion these traits and nurture them in our employees and in our makers.  

Unique & Innovative – Unique and innovative makers, stories and products or services. 

Supportive – Supporting makers, entrepreneurs, employees, shoppers, charities and communities. Caring, coaching and connecting others to do good things and deliver great things. 

Authentic – Authentic craftsmanship, authentic inspired inventors, authentic intent, authentic good deeds, authentic community  

Inspired Action - Greater community of makers, entrepreneurs, employees, shoppers, charities and communities, sharing the vision to help others and give back.